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Last updated: 20 september 2017
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InterRent is the new international low cost car hire brand from the Europcar group.
We offer car hire at market leading prices with no compromise on customer service.

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InterRent reviews (39):

InterRent - Wel een erg hoge prijs betaald


Bij aankomst bij het kantoor van Interrent bij de luchthaven van Porto kwam mijn vrouw er achter dat ze haar rijbewijs en creditkaart vergeten. Gelukkig had ik haar partner, wel mijn rijbewijs en creditkaart bij mij. Helaas gaf dit volgens de kleine lettertjesin de overeenkomst geen oplossing. Wij waren onze € 216,00 kwijt. We moesten ( we hadden in de hectiek geen andere oplossing) een nieuwe huurovereenkomst aan gaan. Vooruit dan maar! Bij de afrekening werd ons een rekening van € 380,00 voorgelegd. Hier viel naar beneden niets aan te doen.
We hebben het op dat moment maar geaccepteerd met tegenzin. We hadden in februari gekozen voor een 4 deurs Peugeot of vergelijkbaar. Wat stond er voor ons klaar? Een Fiat 500 met 2 deuren. Wij hebben daar heel veel hinder meegehad omdat we 2 wat oudere vrienden zouden ophalen.
De volgende dag heb ik via Interrent op mijn computer een auto proberen te huren die vergelijkbaar was met onze eerste Peugeot 4 deurs. Tot mijn grote verbazing was ik hiervoor € 180,00 kwijt voor een week.
Wat een nare smaak heb ik hier aan over gehouden. Voel me bedrogen. Ik wil eigenlijk € 200,00 terug!!!
Maar hoe doe ik dat? Wie biedt hulp?

Sterke punten:
Een lachende baliemedewerker
Snel inleveren van de auto.

Zwakke punten:
De gereserveerde auto stond niet klaar.
Er was toch wel een mogelijkheid te bedenken om mij 2e chauffeur te maken?
Te veel moeten betalen bij de nieuwe overeenkomst.
Een veel te groot verschil in geld t.o.v het internet.

Benedictus beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - Prima service


Wij hebben een goede ervaring gehad bij Interrent Girona:
Aardige medewerkster, niet opdringerig, duidelijke uitleg. -Auto conform afspraak en in goede staat, een paar beschadigingen werden netjes aangegeven.
We kwamen wat later op de avond om de auto op te halen en hadden dus niemand voor (of na) ons en waren dus snel op pad. Ik kan me voorstellen dat wanneer het drukker is het ophalen wel wat lang duurt omdat het hele contractproces vrij uitgebreid is.

Sterke punten:
Aardig personeel, goede service, goede auto

Zwakke punten:
Locatie stukje van terminal en niet goed aangegeven.

Agnes beveelt InterRent aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - Ver weg blijven van InterRent!!


BEWARE OF INTERRENT!! These people are incredible scam artists. Be very careful of what you agree upon and look at your bill very closely. The mail I sent them explains my case (and I will add their response when/if I receive it):

Dear InterRent,

Please allow me to file a complaint with you as I feel very, very much scammed by your personnel at Interrent Lisboa. Please allow me to explain:

We arrived at Interrent offices Lisboa at ca. 12.00 hrs on august 20th to pick up our car we rented. We had rented a VW Polo for 12 days for € 198,21 including VAT. As appeared that the VW Polo was probably too small for us (5 persons - 2 adults, 3 children), we requested what the cost would be for an upgrade to a bigger car and also the cost of an extra driver. The man behind the counter indicated that it would be € 180 extra. I specifically asked whether that was including the extra driver and he indicated yes. Although it would more or less double the cost of the initial rent, we agreed. He proceeded to ask whether I wanted additional insurance and the toll-service and I declined both. As he was so clear in stating that the extra cost was € 180 and was handling the paperwork I wasn’t sharp to check the ultimate bill (we had already been waiting in line for about 45 minutes…). To my dismay when I checked my creditcard today, I saw that the extra costs charged were not € 180 but € 299….!! Apparently the upgrade was ex VAT, the extra driver costs were not included as he had indicated and he added the toll-service costs that I was very clear about not wanting.

I am experienced enough to realize I cannot reclaim anything and that I should have been more aware and sharp. My feeling I could trust your man behind the counter was apparently misplaced and I had to be more suspicious. He deliberately lied to me (and 100% certain knows he did) and - in retrospect - was very handy in handing me the papers without pressing me to check. I understand the car rental business is low margin and you need your personnel to upsell, but the way this man swindled me is unfair and incorrect. I take it that a big upsell like this increases his bonus and that that the reason is to scam. But once again, I mainly find his behavior despicable and has faded away my trust in Interrent for now and the future. I hope at least that you can sort him out and avoid the experience I have had with other customers. To be honest, it feels terrible to be scammed like this and to realize I made a mistake of trusting someone I thought was trustworthy. So I will have a wine and forget and hope at least this mail can help change this kind of attitude at InterRent…

As promised, I would also post their response....

Dear Mr. vd Lee,

Thank you for contacting InterRent. Please apologize us for the delay on answering this message. Please find in attachment a copy of your rental agreement with the prices clearly stated and your signature accepting the costs. Once again we would like to express our most sincere apologies for any unpleasant situation experienced. Should you need any further information, queries or clarifications with regards to this, please feel free to contact us.

Kind Regards,
E. Torella- Customer Care| InterRent Customer Service Int.

And my response:

Dear E. Torella,
Thank you for humoring me on this rainy day in Holland! I would suggest you find another name for Customer Services…. Maybe ‘Bullsh*t Artists’ would more suit your department? Your reply is truly brilliant! Relaying me to your small print terms & conditions that would of taken me 20 minutes to read after waiting 45 minutes in the row in your office in response to my complaint… Really beautiful! You havent even read my complaint! No problem, I merely suggested in my complaint that you sort the man out who scammed me and I had hoped that you understand that this manner of trying to mislead customers will cost you more in the long run than it delivers at the short term extra revenue on the spot. Regards, R. vd Lee

Sterke punten:
tja... dat ze onderdeel van Europcar zijn waardoor mijn waardering van Europcar nu ook in het putje is...

Zwakke punten:
Onbetrouwbaar en zelfs tegen het oplichten aan....

R. vd Lee beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - Interrent schandalig duur, extra kosten bij afhali


Online auto gehuurd middenklasse ( vw golf), full insurence.
Bij afhaling in Porto bleek de full insurence helemaal niks te betekenen... krassen, glasbreuk etc waren niet inbegrepen...franchise van 1700€. Zo konden we bijna niet anders dan een extra verzekering bij te nemen, bovenop nog allerlei kosten...zelfs car wash was niet inbegrepen. Geen uitleg van de baliemedewerker, niet vriendelijk.
In totaal heeft het ons 1000€ gekost voor een wagen te huren voor 12 dagen...nog nergens anders meegemaakt. Via mail kan je nergens terecht om een klacht in te dienen...een echte schande!

Sterke punten:
helemaal geen

Zwakke punten:
teveel om hier te vermelden

KoenDe Wil beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - No more Gran Canaria interrent


For the second time we rented at Interent to give them a chance. The first time we pay 120,00 at the pick-up for additiniol insurances for a week!
This Year i gad everything checked out and insisted of no extra insuramces sinds the car includong insurances was paid for in Holland.
The only thing i signed for was 7,95 to wash the car , that was a new rule.....
The black Opel Astra was full of scratches and bumpers in rear and front were damaged.
When i checked my creditcard Balance that week they still charges 70,00.
I went to the Ladie Where we returned the car and she said i must ask at the desk upstairs.
Then she let me sign of the car and THE CONTRACT and she snee us upstairs!
Then we hear since the contract is closed , there is nothing what we can do....... just minutes before .......
we are not returning to them anymore . I rather paymore in advance then the costa they charge you without permission.

Sterke punten:
None this time
Next time we rent at CICAR ( Canarian Islands Cars ) we talked to sevalal people and they all were very positive . New Cars and good prices.

Zwakke punten:
Damaged car , long wait at pick-up
Bad service , allthoigh i said several times i dont wanna Get more insurance they charge you anyway

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InterRent - Never rent a car here


We went to pick up our car at Bologna Airport. First of all, the pick-up-point is not at the airport. You need to call an number, someone who can't talk English properly tells you to go to the roundabout. A small buss will pick you up and drives like crazy to the pick-up-point. When we arrived over there we wanted to use my creditcard and my boyfriend was the headdriver. This wasn't possible. After calling Cartrawler he told the women on the phone that normally they could change names, but it was summer, so they won't. We had to rent another car. First they didn't had a car, but after a little argument we could rent a car, more than double the price we already paid for the first one.
They guy who helped us, wasn't solving problems, but making more. It was our problem, not his. We would never rent a car by this company anymore. They are a bunch of criminals and steal money in front of you.

Sterke punten:
They don't have one..

Zwakke punten:
They are criminals and steal your money. They know you need a car, so they ask crazy prices and know you would pay this, because there are no other cars available.

Naomi beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - Interrent is a bunch of criminals


Interrent is bunch of criminals. Worst company I ever got to deal with.
Interrent at airport Malaga said they couldn't charge my creditcard for the deposit because there systems said it's a "prepaid credit card" to sell you insurance that you don´t need and charge you 240 euro. You don't have any choice because otherwise you don't get the Car. After phoning the credit card company who confirmed me that I have a normal credit card and that Interrent didn't any attempt to charge my credit card it's clear that they are obviously a SCAM and ought to be out out of business.
I Made the reservation through Car del Mar, but they didn't nothing and came with the same answer
They are absolutely not recommendable

Sterke punten:

Zwakke punten:
Additional charge for insurrance

Hubert beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - free headache!


@Eivissa airport, get free headache by picking up your rental car!
Wait 1 hour in line, because everyone in front off u, has a discussion for one hour.
also me, while i did had all the insurence all-inclusive, with windows- ties-lost key-full to full things.
NO!NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! need to buy also there insurence and pay 6 euro for clean the car.
Toke diposite from my credit card and now 1 month later,
I still have every few days contact with them, because Interrent, doesnt return it, while i have an OK! when bring the vehicle back.
So if you what all this above, do rent with INTERRENT!!

Sterke punten:

Zwakke punten:
the policy of Interrent

L.B. beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - Slechte service en geen informatie in het Engels


Via rentalcars een auto geboekt en betaald. Op locatie kregen we andere informatie en voorwaarden dan op de website. Veel verborgen kosten die alleen in het Frans beschikbaar waren. De medewerker zei dat we voor deze prijs geen Engelse uitleg konden verwachten en verweet ons bovendien dat we via een externe website hadden geboekt. Zeer onredelijk en onvriendelijk

Sterke punten:

Zwakke punten:

Willeke beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

InterRent - never interrent again


NEVER INTERRENT AGAIN, they charge you 50 euro for refuelling (you always can manage to put in an extra few liters), they charge you for “days ticket” 17 euro, without explanation. There system is set that it is impossible to pay for an upgrade, 8,.. euro via internet, and at the desk they charge 142 for the same upgrade. They don’t respond on emails where you ask for explanation.
TERRIBLE ORGANISATION. Payed 424 euro for a car that should have cost about 200 euro. So the cheapest on internet is also the cheapest on service.

Zwakke punten:

hans beveelt InterRent NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

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