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vreselijke ervaring AVIS Bologna airport

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We hired two cars at avis bologna airport. One car ( a 9 persons bus) broke dwon the first day. After 2 days I had to accept a smaller car and had to go to another city to get it.
On return of my car they said that my tire was flat! There was nothing wrong with it !!( foto). ''No, but in an hour it will be flat.''

At home my credit card was credited for 500 and 400 euro's!!! I had to pay for a new tire! and probably for damage to the second car: but I never saw an invoice . I tried to get one, but there was no reaction. They do not pick up the phone, they have no E mail adres. AVIS Italy did not react.

NEVER hire a car from AVIS or BUDGET car ( same desk) . I had al lot of bad experiences with car rental in general, but this was the worst.

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