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    Do NOT rent from RIGHT CARS, worst rental ever

    My experience was in the Baltic States. There was no car, there was no person waiting for me on the airport and they do not have an airport based office. They get customers in via their cheap prices, but you will loose your money and time. Do not make the mistake I made. I am still trying to get my money back as I had to book lastminute in the airport with another company. They are understaffed, do not respond to complaints, even get rude when you ask money back. The head office is only contactable by postal letters, just to avoid getting any complaints.

    Sterke punten
    geen enkele , het is geen bonafide zaak.
    Misleidende aanbiedingen.

    Zwakke punten
    Behaviour to customers,
    Franchizing structure without a centralized control system.
    Lack of action on complaints
    Promises to pay pay money not acted out.
    Stay away from them. Not only one location has issues.
    The franchize structure is the problem. I am still awaiting my money after 2.5 months.
    I booked via EXPEDIA. And warned them too for RIGHT CARS.
    So do not think they are OK since they are listed on EXPEDIA too. Do not make the same mistake as me.

    score 2/10.

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