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AVIS never again

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Never been treated so rude and aggressive during a business transaction. My impression not due to a bad day at work but strategic and very conscious
We did rent a car via a car rental broker. Arrived in Olbia I had to pay a deposit of 3500€. A lot if you ask me!! No choice so we did agree. Surprise , surprise my credit card was refused. Very strange since the limit of the credit card was increase and far above the deposit. We couldn’t have the car unless we payed an extra 380 euro for full insurance. No choice again so we payed for that. All of a sudden my credit card worked . Hurray, we have a car for only 380 € more than expeted 😊.
At least this is wat we thought, coming home the charged 450 €. Why, still don’t know and still no answer.
For me AVIS never again.
By the way: It didn’t spoil my vacation at Sardinia. So beautiful the only unfriendly people a met worked at…

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