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Warning. As a former customer of Goldcar ,stopped using Goldcar in 2018 after a bad experience, I was unpleasantly surprised to receive a bill for 160 euro' s last week. Checking my account I noticed that the day before they took 160 euro's from my credit card. Checking the bill it was for administration costs for a rental period in 2016. No explanation what so ever. I contacted customer services. They once replied telling me they could not find the year 2016 in their own email. After that no more answers or replies from customer services. I Have changed my credit card now but it is unbelievable that Goldcar kept the information from my creditcard, given to them in good faith, and use it 5 years later to take money from my account and refuse to give an explanation. So if you ever have left your creditcard info with them I strongly advice to change your card or ask for a written statement that they will not use your credit card unauthorized. Ruud

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