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Never again

Review over Goldcar

Especially at Alicante Airport, this company sells very expensive insurances, even if you already had a very good extra insurrance with a car hire broker. If you already have an insurrance covering your own risk, tires, window shields etc. etc., then you don't need an insurrance of them (also twice as expensive).

They let you pay 23 euro for the service to return your car with an empty tank, plus expensive fuel costs (without warning you theat you have to pay for it).

They give you Spanish contract.

They let you sign at a lcd display and paste your signature at the contract. Afterwards they give you the contract folded in three and don't show you and make clear what's on the contract.

The car hire broker listed the car at Golcar about 10 euros less, but because of the very agressive way of selling additional insurrance, I paid about 90 euros more.
I rent cars for over 20 years now. Never have I paid for an extra insurrance, but because the employer of Goldcar told us it was impossible the broker already had an insuracne covering important things

Never, never, ever will I rent a car of this company.

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