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\\\"Fool of the Year\\\" - or bad Experience!

Review over SnappCar

I already had a doubt when #Snappcar asked 5 euros for verifying my data. But my experience now with #Snappcar is entirely unacceptable. At first, I could not get any info about the deposit and after checking out my rental it said in English \\\"you can only request your deposit back 17 days after the end of your last rental\\\". And at the bottom of the same page it indicates in Dutch that you can only request your deposit after 71 days of your check-out. After several contacts via help center with #Snappcar, they insist that it concerns 71 days. Unbelievable that #Snappcar withhold your deposit for more than 2 months and that after this period you can reclaim your deposit thus you have not received it yet. At this moment my emails via help center are not answered and telephone contact is not possible. So, status quo and not knowing what to expect from #Snappcarr. Do not be fooled like me!\\r\\n