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Bad customer service and bad insurance overall

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Rented a car via SnappCar. Paid for insurance when I rented it.
Had an incident with the car, something unavoidable: a rock hit the windshield. There is nothing one can do about it, right?
When I returned the car, the owner was informed and we took pictures. The damage was also reported.
I contacted SnappCar at that time, to know what should I do. They said that, as long as I paid for the insurance, I had nothing to worry about: they would handle it!
Now, SnappCar and their partner-in-crime company, Allianz, are charging me € 635,82! By the way, a regular windshield replacement and installation for the car I rented costs € 220 including VAT. This is basically a scam, you see? SnappCar customer support simply said "Contact Allianz, they are handling the issue". Very, VERY bad customer support. Actually, if you think well, there is none.
Guys, BE VERY CAREFUL when renting with SnappCar. In fact, I truly recommend you never do that. EVER.
Since the issue is apparently not going to be resolved as it should, I am going to report SnappCar to the Authority for Consumers and Markets and ConsuWijzer. This nightmare has just started... #snappcarneveragain #snappcarscam

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It was a good idea initially, but...

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Customer service will not take care of the issues, even after they say "you do not have to worry, we will take of the issue".
Insurance they provide is a scam, at a minimum. Not only I have to pay for the incident that I had (windshield got hit by a rock), but the insurance company is charging me 3 times more than a regular price for windshield + VAT + installation. This is a serious scam!