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After many problems our issue was solved

Review over CheapCars

We also had to pay for full tank (€ 113,71) which was far too much. And you don't want to drive until the last drop when you have to catch a plane. It is purely misleading. The fares look good, but in the end you pay the same or more as with any other company, but you have headaches caused by the problems.
The second is about the Insurance. We paid for full Insurance, but upon arrival at the airport they sais they would take a deposit of € 1200 anyway and if we had an accident or other costs, they wished us good luck getting this amount back from the "Insurance company".
So this is a warning! Check the small details of your reservation.
We communicated many many times and I must admit that they reacted positively and we agreed in the end with their solution

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after sales service, low prices

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see above