• even if you have booked with an insurance via a brooker they try to force you to take another insurance with them. If you don't you have to pay 850 euro's by creditcard that you are supposed to get back after returning the car in perfect state. And here it comes: When you return the car they find all kinds of millimeter dots of damage that they will try to (over) charge you for. Don't sign the paper! Long waiting queue, so not very practical if you have to catch a plain. Lots of discussions in the office because all clients feel screwed. They also told us if the car would break down there wouldn't be any help. Whereas you can hold them responsable for all damage if they don't deliver a proper funcioning car. Never again car rental with Dickmanns

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    they pick you up from the airport with a shutle and bring you to your rental car, only 3 minits from the airport.

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    see list above

    Door Smeermans op 6 januari 2017 Reageer

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