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250€ betaald geen auto

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We rented a car with Goldcar through Easyterra. Both companies are to be catalogued under economic malpractice and cheats. Upon arrival at the airport of Fiumicino we spent no less than 4 hours at Goldcar in an attempt to get the car we rented and paid upfront with our credit card. At Goldcar we were told an extra insurance was necessary, upon the rental fee another 200 euros! We wanted to pay but the credit card was refused: wrong pin. We are sure the correct pin was used and our bank confirmed that the credit card was ok and not blocked. They tried several times until the credit card was ‘apparently’ blocked. The bank said this was not correct. They even offered us to the check ‘with an app they have’ to see whether our code was correct. Of course we did not do this and from that point onward, the discussion became more fierce from their side and ended with the refusal to rent out the car to us, but also with the refusal to refund. Our offer to pay with my wife’s credit card, my bank card or cash was denied. They refused any further communication. Upon calling Easyterra and Goldcar several times, we got no help at all and the phone was thrown on the hook.We intend to take this further with a lawyer because these malpractises are no less than theft.

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