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    Ga niet in zee met CarFlexi

    Een auto gehuurd via CarFlexi. De overeenkomst wordt mij via mail doorgestuurd in keurig Nederlands en met een totaalprijs van € 474,95 (eigenrisicobescherming inbegrepen). Ik betaalde een voorschot van € 173,95. Aangekomen in Sevilla moest ik de huurauto afhalen bij OKMobility. De lokale bediende liet me verstaan dat ik € 616 diende te betalen (verzekering inbegrepen) en dat er geen rekening werd gehouden met het reeds betaalde voorschot. M.a.w. deze huurauto heeft me geen € 474,95 euro gekost maar € 789,95. Eens ter plaatse in mijn vakantieverblijf heb ik meteen contact gezocht met CarFlexi. Via mail lukte dit plotseling enkel in het Engels en vond men dat alles correct was verlopen. Eens thuis vond ik een telefoonnummer en nam ik opnieuw contact op. Het gesprek kon enkel gevoerd worden in het Engels en de vertegenwoordiger hield voet bij stuk dat volgens hen alles correct verlopen was. Moraal van het verhaal, ze zijn niet eerlijk tegenover de klant en de klant (ik dus) is nogal wat geld kwijt.

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    geen eerlijke overeenkomst met de klant

    Complete rip off and fraud!

    Complete rip off! When I picked up the car in Malaga, I was informed I needed to pay a deposit and it would be reimbursed. Coming home I found out that more money was deducted from my creditcard and after contact I found out that I had paid for additional insurance, without any information! Also I paid additional tank service, while I delivered the car back with a full gas tank and the desk actually signed off for it. Now Carflexi is not doing anything with my complaint and claim that they are only a middle man and an agency and instead of providing proof ask me to give reverse proof. Never again with this scam!!!

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    Poor communication and scamming customers

    Beware of CarFlexi

    I rented a car via CarFlexi web site. I received the car in the airport in Romania from a rental car company called InterRent. I purchased via CarFlexi web site "Excess Damage Protection" insurance. Part of the overall payment was payed to CarFlexi in their web site, and the rest should be paid at InterRent desk on the day I take the car.
    To my surprise, InterRent charged me with a much higher amount than agreed in the contract with CarFlexi. They did not agree to deliver the car at the price agreed with CarFlexi. According to InterRent this is the price of the car, and it does not include any insurance in addition to what I purchased thru CarFlexi.
    I didn't have a choice but to pay and take the car.
    When I came back home I contacted CarFlexi. They shake off any responsibility from their side, and did not agree to refund me on the excess amount I paid. They say that I purchased additional insurance at InterRent desk, which I didn't. They said I had to contact them right away, but they don't give you any phone number, and as a tourist who has just landed I didn't even have a local sim card to call them at this point of time.
    In short, if you don't want to be cheated, you better avoid any business with CarFlexi

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    Nice web site

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