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I rented a car via CarFlexi web site. I received the car in the airport in Romania from a rental car company called InterRent. I purchased via CarFlexi web site "Excess Damage Protection" insurance. Part of the overall payment was payed to CarFlexi in their web site, and the rest should be paid at InterRent desk on the day I take the car.
To my surprise, InterRent charged me with a much higher amount than agreed in the contract with CarFlexi. They did not agree to deliver the car at the price agreed with CarFlexi. According to InterRent this is the price of the car, and it does not include any insurance in addition to what I purchased thru CarFlexi.
I didn't have a choice but to pay and take the car.
When I came back home I contacted CarFlexi. They shake off any responsibility from their side, and did not agree to refund me on the excess amount I paid. They say that I purchased additional insurance at InterRent desk, which I didn't. They said I had to contact them right away, but they don't give you any phone number, and as a tourist who has just landed I didn't even have a local sim card to call them at this point of time.
In short, if you don't want to be cheated, you better avoid any business with CarFlexi

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reacties is the worst car rental company I have ever experienced. Arriving in Tangier, the car was ready on time and we made a round around the car, it had a lot of damage and there were several pits in the windshield. I was afraid this would get worse. He guaranteed nothing. The tank of the car was empty and I filled it immediately. On my way from Tangier to Tetouan I noticed something was wrong with the tires but I didn't know what. On the mountain in a bend where I drove no faster than 40 I found out. We got into a skid, the rear tires went in all directions. We almost fell off a ravine. Fortunately I managed to control the car, but this was the most fearful moment of my life. We drove on and stopped trembling at the next stop. I called Abdelrahman who rented me the car and he didn't take me seriously. According to him, the car had just had a serviceberry and there was nothing wrong with it. I got angry and asked him if he thinks staniol is lying. He would also often enough slip on roads, according to him that was normal in Morocco. Arrived in Tetouan I passed a garage and it indicated that the tires need to be replaced, there was hardly any profile on it. I called the service line of Carflexi and they took me a little more seriously. Another car was brought the next day, it was the same but newer. The tires had tread. I was so scared that I canceled my two-day trip to fes. I no longer dared to drive in the mountains. I dared to drive in Tetouan, but not outside it. When I handed over the car I asked for compensation. According to Abdelrahman, there was nothing wrong with the first car, it was rented out to someone else the same day. I became angry and indicated that the garage also indicated that the tires were worn. He said that this is not true and that it is normal to skid on Moroccan roads. I have never experienced such bad service. Everything had gone well, no accident had happened. I will never rent from them again in my life.

Bezoek Car Flexi Reviews over Car Flexi

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