Bad company

bad company, am used to otherwise. not professional. I spent over 4 weeks trying to get my deposit refunded. they can hardly be reached by telephone. Head office does not pick up phone. I live in the Netherlands, I had to go back to Germany specifically to get a story and then I am told again that they are going to do their best to make this right. I'm so angry. I had also forgotten my coat in the borrowed car, they would keep it until I would come to get it. They lost my coat. The only thing I got back then is: sorry, we can't find your coat anymore. Ridiculous! If I had lost something or made damage, a sorry was not enough, it had to be paid for. They promised to look for my coat, if they found it they would send it. I have said that I would like to have this sent to me at least free of charge, the employee had her doubts about that. NEVER returned to this company in Kleve in Germany.

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