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Sixt - Lousy


good morning,

yesterday I had my first car rental experience with Sixt. Unfortunately a bad one!

Just in advance: I am a very experienced traveler who has been traveling business and private for more than 40 years all over the world. I have gained experience with most car rental companies, but it has been a long time since a car rental company tried to mislead me like that.

I had rented a car through 2 drivers, all insurances, no personal risks, in short: the whole package.

At the desk I met an extremely aggressive Sixt employee who had only one goal: to mislead me as a customer with wrong information and to sell unnecessary extras. At the desk next to me I heard the Sixt employee telling the same story to an unsuspecting customer. So it is apparently business pollicy.

Very unfortunate and completely unnecessary. Customers today are sufficiently assertive to not be misled easily. So: just provide good and reliable service and ease of use. I am convinced that you will achieve a higher return with that strategy.


Ger Glezer

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Agressive employees

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