Firefly Car Rental Review - Warning: never rent a car at Firefly!

Firefly Car Rental - Warning: never rent a car at Firefly!


In preparation of our lovely holiday in Portugal we rented a car at Firefly. First you may think you have a great deal, but in the contrary! Besides the really high costs of additional insurances, extreme high costs of 0,37 euro per km above 600km, you will also face toll costs. Which you might find with other car rental companies as well.

Still what makes Firefly really distinguish from their competitors is their awful and lousy service. Actually no service at all. We had the pleasure to receive a warm welcome via our first contact person at the customer desk. And I mean this cynical because she really was a horrible person. Snappy, manipulating and providing you not only wrong information but also a damage car (saying that it was brand new without any scratches). Not the best start of our holiday. That Firefly donít know how to treat their customers, we experienced in the hard way. Unfortunately we got a flat tyre around Aljezur. After half an hour calling 4 different customer service numbers from Firefly explaining the situation, their answer was as follow: change the tyre yourself (ok not a problem), but you have to go to the nearest airport to change your car. Uhm that was 85km from Aljezur to Faro. Ow and with your spair tyre you are not allowed to go faster than 80km per hour. Besides the fact that the Faro area was not a destination on our travel plan, they ordered us to do so. My alternative to go to the nearest garage (5km from Aljezur) for a new tyre and claim the expenses afterwards was not an option for Firefly.

So no other thing for us to do, was to drive through the mountains with the spair tyre all the way to Faro. Where thankfully the greatest girl helped us with a new car. Really Beatrice was understanding, provided us with great information and a good car. For such a young girl like Beatrice she was professional, helpfull and kind. Employees like her, organisations need to treasure. Especially Firefly!!! She made your company a bit less crapy. Now it is up to Firefly to change their thinking on costs and providing service so that everyone can enjoy their holiday without adding any stressful inconviences.

Zwakke punten:
- onprofessional staff
- no service
- misleading information
- expensive

Ilona beveelt Firefly Car Rental NIET aan bij vrienden/bekenden

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