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DO NOT RECOMMEND. Highly disorganized and unreliable business. We had a van reservation and arrived a little before 15:00 for a pickup in Amsterdam to find the office closed (despite listing their office hours as open until 17:00). I called and was told that they usually close around 14:00 and because they couldn't reach me by phone, they went ahead and rented out our reserved van and closed, assuming I wasn't coming and they couldn't help. There was never any stipulation or suggestion that we needed to show at any particular time to keep our reservation. The person I was talking to (I believe it was Rob, but not 100% sure) offered to get us another van that he could have to us by 17:00. He then texted about 30 minutes prior to that and told us he couldn't get us anything. He did say he would try to figure something else out, but never responded or called back again. So...after renting out our reservation and stringing us along, they managed to singlehandedly ruin the plans we had and kept us from getting our stuff moved. This seems to be an extremely poorly run business. Do not use if you need something reliable.

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