Incredibly unsatisfying

Incredibly unsatisfying and frustrating cutomer service and non sense application workflow

I wanted to pay for the reservation with a different credit card than the one registered on my account, and twice, the funds were transfered but the booking was not working.
Nothing blocked me the your app to pay, twice...
Then no messages or anything warned me that it did not work, twice...
I had to figure out myself that my girlfriend's credit card was the only one working, so I paid, three times...

Now i figured out the booking with the right credit card, but i would like to be refunded the 2x 79,25€ = 158,5€ that i paid extra.
So i paid 3 times.

when i request the refund on my own cc this is the answer from their customer service :

"Unfortunately your payment was blocked because the name of the bankaccount does not match the one in your SnappCar profile. Do you have an account that is registered to your name? If yes: please use that account to pay, the payment will be processed. We don’t accept payments that are made with a joint or business bankaccount.

If you do not own an account on your name, then there's, unfortunately, nothing we can do about that. We are consistently working on improving our safety measures such as this one. This way we can guarantee the financial security of our community.

The payment will be refunded immediately and will be on your bank account within a couple of days. Our apologies for the inconvenience."

The thing is that I cannot create my own snappcar account because my driver's license doesn't pass their verification Bot (my french, totally legal licence is too damaged)

So now I got scammed of 158€, and their answer is : sorry dude can't do shit...

I am so mad it's crazy.
I'm going to roam all review websites until you hear me out.
reach out the Ticket #814953 guys.

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