Belazerd door Hertz in Zuid Afrika

Belazerd door Hertz in Zuid Afrika

Belazerd door Hertz in Zuid Afrika met verborgen/vage kosten. Hertz ziet mij nooit weer terug! Gebruik nooit Hertz!

Bij het boeken van een Toyota Corolla kreeg ik een bevestiging van Euro 127 voor 10 dagen. Na het retourneren van de auto werd Euro 511 van mijn American Express kaart afgeschreven.

Mijn klacht e-mail naar Hertz in het Engels:

On 26-09-2018, I made a reservation on [www].Hertz[dot].nl to rent a Toyota Corolla for ten days so that I can travel from Johannesburg Oliver Thambo airport to Polokwane to visit my father. The rental period was from 27-09-2018 to 07-10-2019.

On 26-09-2018, I received an email confirmation of the reservation, the amount on the confirmation was ~R 2102.00 (€ 127.41). I have rented cars before from other companies when visiting South Africa. This time however, I decided to make use of Hertz because I have an American Express card. I used my American Express card to pay for the car rental when I made the reservation.

On 27-09-2018 I flew to Johannesburg Oliver Thambo from Amsterdam and landed at about 10:00 p.m. and I went directly to the Hertz office at the airport to pick up the car.

The person behind the desk at the Hertz office asked me for my American Express card and told me that a deposit is required but it will be credited to my card (upon returning the car). This seemed a little odd to me but the fact that the deposit will be credited to my card, did not make me question this any further, quite honestly, I was tired and just wanted to get the car and drive to Centurion where I slept for the night.

After ten days I returned the car to the Oliver Thambo Hertz office in the same condition as when I received it. On 07-10-2018, I took my flight back to Amsterdam.

Upon returning to The Netherlands, I received an invoice from Hertz (# 86736750−1), with a final amount of R 8444.08 (~ € 511,75). This amount is much higher than the original amount on the confirmation, to say the least. I was expecting some extra cost but not such a high amount.

When I look at the invoice sent to me by email, I see two services that do not make any sense to me:

1. SW of R 3130,40 (10 days X R 313,04)

2. PRE-AUTH of R 2000,00

That is an extra R 5130,40 which is a very high amount. Furthermore, I was not explicitly asked by anyone from Hertz if I wanted extra services when I took possession of the car on 26-09-2018.

Can Hertz South Africa explain why there is such a huge difference between the initial confirmation amount of ~R2102 and the final invoice amount of R 8444.08? Can they explain to me why have they (extra cost lines) been added to my invoice?

I believe that there must be a mistake on my invoice because I never agreed to extra services and yet I was invoiced R 5130,40 for the above-mentioned services.

Up to now I have had no response from Hertz to my complaint, just an automated e-mail.

Very dissatisfied customer.

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Lijkt een eerlijk bedrijf te zijn maar belazerd eigen klanten.

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Belazerd eigen klanten.

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