Biggest thieves

Biggest thieves

This for the second time in a row that they did not return my deposit. And they charge fuel, damage costs that did not exist. Also I am waiting for an answer for three months now. This is my last e-mail: Dear Sir/Madam, On 28/08/2020 I attempted to rent a car at your company Gold Car Gibraltar Airport. We were a group of 4 friends and already had a car. But as we entered Gibraltar we had to leave our car at La Linea. So we entered Gibraltar by foot as our car was due to administration not able to enter Gibraltar. We decided that it would be great if we could rent a car for in Gibraltar so that we could divide our group into 2 people. We found Goldcar online and booked a car for hire at "Gibraltar Airport". It took us 1.5 hour to find the Goldcar office as we were searching around Gibraltar Airport and at the Gibraltar customs. We called the general phone number after waiting for a very long time we had a man who answered our phone in English with an Indian accent. He told us that we needed to enter Gibraltar Airport inside and ask there. However this was the wrong information. A police officer told us that we need to leave Gibraltar (the UK) and need to enter Spain and to have a walk of 15min from the border to the Goldcar office. We found out that the "Goldcar Gibraltar Airport office" was not in Gibraltar at all, it was in another country: namely, La Linea Spain. We told our problem at your employee at the office after finding the office, finally. He told us that people very often get confused and make the same mistake. After finishing the payment we have received a FIAT Tipo(1784 LFX). After a delay of 2 hours we thought we can finally continue our trip into Gibraltar and perhaps book a hotel outside Gibraltar somewhere in Spain. However, our relief was only for a short term. After 4 hours the first gear and the reverse gear of the Fiat Tipo refused to work. So we were afraid to continue our route to our friends who had our own car in Algeciras. We returned the car at night to La Linea (office Gibraltar Airport) and found no one at the office. We tried to call the number we had to call but no one picked-up the phone. We called several times. So we left the car at the office and our friends came with our car all the way from Algeciras to La Linea to pick us up. Our stay was ruined, we lost time and we made extra costs because of our car rental at your company. So we decided to bring the car back on 29/8/2020 very early so we can continue our trip as it was the last day of our holiday. We explained the whole situation at 2 of your employees at the office. They apologized and told us we should contact the company by e-mail to get a refund. Also the employees told us at the office that it was not necessary to refuel the gas of the FIAT Tipo due to the bad circumstances. They told us: "no worry just leave the car here we will take the car and refuel it for you. You don't have to pay anything". So we told this sir that finally someone helped us and gave us some service and empathy. There were no charges, fees or costs left anymore. However, unfortunately this was not true. Because I have received an e-mail which said that I got a penalty for not refueling the gas and I got a very high gas ticket which is absolutely not true as we drove very few kilometres with the car. So the gas is not correct. I called the general phone number and this person told me that he cannot do something for me. So I called the Goldcar office at Gibraltar Airport and I got the employee who promised me that he would accept my car for free and not charge any fees or costs for the fuel or refueling. He told me I am very sorry this is a mistake. I am gonna return your money right now. This did not happen! Luckily, because I knew everything goes wrong at goldcar I made a videotape of my call with the man of the Goldcar office where he apologized and told me the refueling is absolutely for free and that this is a mistake from the company not his mistake. I have this conversation on tape. At this moment Goldcar charged me 175,95EU for a few hours car rental. I want a total refund. I hope you understand how very inconvenient this situation was for us. Especially because the whole situation costed us more money and time to solve it. In meanwhile we did not receive anything we wanted to pay for. And after it, it went evenly more wrong.

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EVERYTHING: Stealing, fraud, lying, cheating, unhidden costs, lazy, no answering, fake customer service.

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