No Lowest Price - Guaranteed,

No Lowest Price - Guaranteed,

I am very unhappy, and feel betrayed.
I made a car rental reservation for our holiday with because of their promise on the website: "Lowest Price - Guaranteed: From the day you order until the day of your trip, we'll beat any other quote you receive".

A day after the reservation I come across a much better offer for the same car, and ask DoYouSpain to beat the quote I received. They say they will not beat the quote because the price they quoted is allready a discount price. To me this is just making up excuses - so they do not have to uphold their lowest price guarantee policy.

- The price of the order from DoYouSpain EURO 869,60 + Supplement Charge EURO 1.000,00 = EURO 1.869,60 total
- The price of the quote from EURO 864,68 + Supplement Charge EURO 560,00 = EURO 1.424,68 total

From a very dissatisfied customer,
Daniël Breuker

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Clear website, rapid reservation

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They do not uphold their Lowest Price Guarantee, so their promise is dishonest

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