• Peter P

    Review over HappyCar

    The worst rental company ever!!!! It is similar to Gold CAR!!!!

    First of all the contact with employees from the Happycar is impossible. If you call during the working hours you hear always voicemail that the office is closed and it is open from monday to friday between 9:00 till 17:00. I have called several times during working days between 9:00 - 17:00 and after 30 times I gave up. I have called many times in other days.
    My issue was quite simple. I have booked the car and 1 week before the rent we have changed the booking for bigger car. The money for the first booking shoud have been return to my account according to the contract. It never happend. HappyCar says that the money was transferd but they do not want to send the copy of the payment. After 6 months still no money and no chance to arrange it in civilized way.

    Next time I will choose rentalcars instead of shady bussiness of Happycar.

    Good luck to other people who came across this dubieus company.

    1 september 2016

    Deze review is meer dan een jaar oud en misschien niet meer relevant.