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Marbesol is a car hire company with a global service vocation for visitors and residents. We offer Malaga car hire, Marbella car hire, and else where in Costa del Sol. We have special prices for our Customers in Malaga car hire.

We have several points of sale from where we give coverage to all Malaga's province: Malaga airport car hire and car hire Marbella.

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Marbesol Autoverhuur - WARNING - GA NIET NAAR MARBESOL


If it was possible to give 0 stars I would have award these to the employees of Marbesol.

On Wednesday March 18th till Thursday March 19th 2015, we rented a car (Ford Focus class) at Marbesol, for a trip: Málaga - Nerja - Sierra Nevada - Granada - Parque El Torcal - Málaga.

First problem: Our car.
We ordered a car from the "Ford Focus" class, we ended up with an Fiat Linea, no problem, we accepted it.
During riding on the Sierra Nevada mountain roads the gass pedal didn't work anymore, the guys who were with me (two German student of car engineering) thought the turbo broke, when we stopt almost completely the gass pedal worked again. A situation you don't want when you're driving on small and hilly mountain roads.

Second problem: Totally no service.
During the night I hided my GoPro camera case under the drivers seat. Once back in Malaga, we delivered the car back at Marbesol and left on our way back home to Malaga.
The next morning I found out that I forgot my GoPro camera case under the drivers seat. My mistake, nothing that Marbesol could do about this..

So I called directly (March 19th 9.30h) and told the employee my camera case was UNDER THE DRIVERS SEAT, the man told me to call back in half an hour so he could check the car. I called back half an hour later and got an lady on the phone, she told me exactly the same (even when I told her that her colleague already checked) so I called back an hour later, she told me she checked the car but she didn't found the case. I asked her if she checked under the driver seat and she said "no, call back half an hour later and so I can check. So I called back, again half an hour later (for the third time) and the women told me the car was rented again in the meantime so she couldn't check. Then she told me to call back April 7th because that's the day the car returns. So I just called and she phone lady said to me "HÉ OEHOEH", you have to send an email with the details (name, date of birth etc), so I can check which car it is".
After three days no answer I desided to go check the car myself. I took the train to Malaga Airport and went to Marbesol. Once there the same women as I spoke to on the phone didn't want to help me, she didn't even want to look if the car was there so I could check myself. So I went on the parking lot of Marbesol to check myself if the car was there. There I found the manager of Marbesol, he was more polite and told me "sorry, unfortunately I can't do anything for you, the car is not here". I thanked him for his politeness and complained to him about the unbelievable impolite women.

So manager, this one star is for you, THE REST DESERVES NOTHING!

My calling history (since they ignored my number after a while):

- Friday March 20th, 09:33h
- Friday March 20th, 11:58h
- Friday March 20th, 12:41h
- Friday March 20th, 13:57h
- Friday March 20th, 13:58h
- Friday March 20th, 14:18h
- Friday March 20th, 14:18h
- Friday March 20th, 14:20h
- Friday March 20th, 14:33h
- Friday March 20th, 14:41h
- Tuesday April 7th, 13:20h
- Tuesday April 7th, 13:21h
- Tuesday April 7th, 14:02h
- Tuesday April 7th, 16:50h
- Tuesday April 7th, 16:52h
- Thursday April 9th, 13:04h
- Thursday April 9th, 13:19h
- Thursday April 9th, 13:46h
- Thursday April 9th, 13:47h


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