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Sixt - Klootzakken, stelen je geld (juli 2019)


Sixt in Dublin Airport is using their costumers to earn extra cash. We are very disappointed customers.

We were driving in Ireland few days ago.. suddenly a tiny stone (for sure smaller than a coin) hit the windshield. When we went to return the car the employee of Sixt told us that we have to pay for the damage that was caused by the stone. The damage was barely visible. They said we were the ones driving the car so we are responsible for the damage caused by the stone.

We will receive the bill soon. Probably gonna be around 100 euro's if we're lucky.

Please tell me Sixt how come you find this fair?! The roads in Ireland suck and you let your customers pay for this.

How can I prevent such a thing from happening?!

Never will we rent from Sixth again and neither should anyone else!!! Unless you are ready to pay way more than was the deal.

Nice way to earn some extra cash Sixth. You money sucking company.
Using some poor students, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

Sterke punten:
We hadden een auto.

Zwakke punten:
Ze jatten je geld.. + borg van 1500 euro.
Geven je de schuld van dingen die je niet onder controle hebt.
Idioot gewoon.

Erg idioot..

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